Character Creation

Narayan’s House Rules – used with his permission
Character Creation
Starting Level

As of now starting characters are 3rd level. The standard rules for starting wealth (As per pg. 135 Dungeon Masters Guide) are being used.

Rolling Method

4d6 (drop the lowest, re-roll 1’s, re-roll any stat less than 9.) Add up the stats, if the total is less than 81 you may add the difference as a bonus to your stats. However no stat may start above 18 unless a racial modifier allows it too.

Note: The code for using my roling method on is reroll=1, 4L6

Hit Points

All classes start at max hp’s at first level, each level thereafter you keep half your max, and roll a die for the other half. Example, Barbarian at level 2 gets 6hp automatically, and rolls 1d6 for the other half. Wizard at level 2 gets 2hp automatically, and than rolls a 1d2.

Character Points

Each character gets 1 character point per level automatically. They may also receive them as story awards at my discretion. They may use this point to re-roll a roll, or save them up for other benefits.

1 CP = Add 1 to a roll
1 CP = 1 Skill point
2 CP = One HP
2 CP = Force DM to re-roll
2 CP = Give one CP to another NPC/PC
8 CP = A Feat
10 CP = An increase in one attribute by 1

Unearthed Arcana Options

No racial variants. No Paragon Classes.

Flaws, Traits, Bloodlines, ok with my approval.

No more Bloodline “levels”, 20% experience penalty for minor, 30% for intermediate and 40% for major.

Racial ECL

Races that have an ECL of 1 or higher will substitute a racial level of the appropriate type for each ECL Level. For instance… a Goliath character (ECL1) starting at 1st level would have NO class levels and ONE level of monstrous humanoid.(See Monster Manual III, glossary) Races with an ECL penalty do not receive the usual benefits for starting a class at 1st level.

Monstrous Characters

Playing monstrous characters with my house rules is different. Some of the racial templates, bloodlines or monster level-progression-builds (as per Savage Species) become unbalanced. Thus, I have redesigned the following monstrous races for use in my game.


* Pure arcane spell casters (such as Sorcerers/Warlocks/Wizards) get to start at +1 level higher than other classes. They are not required to use spell components (although spell effects may improve if they do)

* Pure melee classes get an exotic weapon proficiency for free.

* Weapon Specialization is open to every class.

* No Psionics

* No Gestalt Classes

Character Creation

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